The Power of Social Media

Took this image outside a bookies , well a series of them as i saw a potential for a possible meaningful image, and i got lucky with this one being far the best of the bunch . Put it on Flickr and the next day it was picked for Explore , so many photos per day are chosen to go there. Which really increases the viewing and get some people looking at some of my other work . It got over 36 thousand views in all which to get so many see one of my photographs is amazing to me. Who would have thought a number of years ago how communication could spread so fast and how artists can share there expressions with so many in such a short time . Also i can get inspired by so many other artists out there which i probably would never see if it had not been for social media websites . Thanks for reading : )

New Reflections

Recently found this image that i took in September 2017 and with a bit of cropping and processing i got the desired result i was looking for. Then posted it on Flickr and got some welcome positive feedback. I can never be sure how others will react to my work as sometimes i think this is a good image and it does not go down to well and other times i am really unsure about publishing this as i don’t feel it is up to scratch, and it is well liked . That’s art for you always subjective !

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