Some Thoughts On Life And Photography

As you can see i am not very good at keeping a blog especially at posting on a regular basis .

I ponder it’s probably because deep down i consider it more important to created images then to speak about them and yet i have this secondary urge to connect with you ( the one or two who may read this ) . To share some of my thoughts , things i have learned on my photography journey and processes which i go about my work . Well not in all one blog but in several and if any of you has a question or comment feel free to e-mail , my address is on my contact page .

Firstly  i consider i am very much still learning this art form . A very good photographer who i greatly admire taught me a few thinks one being ” If you think you know it all and think you work is very good that is the time to pack it in “. This remains in my awareness  many many years since hearing it . My take on this advice is to never think my work or myself as unique and special thereby puffing up the ego and losing that respectful connection to others as i believe we are all special in our own way.

I ponder as many others have in what makes a good photograph . A combination of light , shadow , subject, mood , colour ,

depth of field, composition ,blur , sharpness etc all fit the bill towards what the photographer wants to say .

But in my and many others opinion is that a good  photo moves me , has soul , stirs something inside of me , makes me think and often deeply . These images may or may not be technically perfect yet have this power.

Of course you might not hold to this opinion and thats fine i respect that , all art is subjective all humans beings have free will.

I consider photography as any art to be a  journey , an expression of different parts of the conscious and subconscious selves  

which continues to evolve as the awareness changes . Yes it may sound deep because that is the way i see it and experience

this process . To many unfamiliar words perhaps to describe this act of creating yet i find my inner world reflected out in my images in sometimes a mirror reflection. Let’s leave it that for now and maybe another time explore this further. 

Well this brings me to how to take good photographs which could take many a page but i will say what i have learned from others and what i have experienced .  Taking images of what you like or what rings your bell of passion is a good start .

There is no substitute for continuing  to take photos and in that way you get to know your camera and lens , get to have a better understanding  of light , composition and so on and to naturally develop your individual style which comes by taking a huge  body of work . 

I used to work with professional photographers in darkrooms when i left school and one think that i was so taken back with them was how using various film cameras they were such at ease with them . In other words those cameras or those artistic tools were like an extension of themselves as they had used them so often they knew the results they could achieved so it looked to me as if they went on automatic pilot and just concentrated on the subject , light , composition and so on .

Last but not least study other photographers work and other artists too which are a source of inspiration .

The other month i found myself in a create rut and came upon a photographers  urban reflection work which inspired me to get out there to carry on , not to try and copy his style but to continue to develop my own reflection work which i love doing .

To be too continued …….

Thanks for reading and i hope this may have helped you in someway .

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments .

Happy Photography



P. S. Excuse the way the paragraphs sometimes have gaps in the sentences were they should be together as 

when i type this it looks correct then when i publish it on my blog it goes all over the place and i am not sure why as yet : )     

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